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Smart Green Wall

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DThe Smart Wall® adds nature, color and design to any space. The Smart Wall does not require any special allowances for it to work. No water hook ups or dealing with a mess. Using our proprietary tray system, filling the wall with plants is done by simply inserting 4 inch potted plant into the trays. These walls are modular so that you can place them side by side to form a larger living green wall. They are also easy to install and set-up. The Smart Wall comes in two standard color options: Black or Wenge

Fully assembled, just add 96x 4" potted plants and water! 

Materials: Wood
Finish: Laminate
Dimensions: 79.5" h x 41-1/4" w x 15" d, (185 lbs)
Application: Indoors only
Number of Plants: Ninety six (96) 4-inch Potted Plants
Parts Included: Assembly hardware included



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